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SE Asia

Asia’s beaches and the raw sewage problem

Many have suspected that raw sewage gets pumped into the sea around beach resorts. Across Asia this is proving to be true. This report contains proof of the sewage problem from Cambodia, with related issues from some of Asia's most popular beach destinations. Beware!

Dangerous Realities in Southeast Asia for Expats

Expatriating to Asia is a dream for many, but the gritty realities of life (and death) may come as a shock. Michael Batson pulls back the veil to look at fatal outcomes and death by misadventures along the Southeast Asia expat trail.

Online teaching for emergency cash

Teaching English online to Chinese students is a viable way to earn a living while living in Asia. Set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want. While the pay is low, the flexibility of having a steady stream of income is worth it for many.
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How to tap into your innate mystical powers

There are eight mystical powers that every human is born with. Distracted by daily life, we lose touch with these powers. Discover how meditation, mantras or yoga can help. Then, do the work needed to tap into the eight Siddhis of power.
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Hungry ghosts in Asian mythology and also in the real world

Hungry ghosts exists as spirits in many Asian cultures. They also exist as people in our lives. Learn how they haunt their own existence while losing touch with reality in the present.

Making money online as a digital nomad in 2020

Digital marketing is appealing for freedom seekers for two key reasons. First, the barrier of entry is low — anyone can launch a project...

2020 Long-stay visa rules in Asia for digital nomads

Tens of thousands of foreigners base in Asia while working as digital nomads. Visa rules across the continent are getting tighter, but many options still exist. Here are the best long-term visa options for foreigners wanting to live in Asia.

Sad farwell: China’s Golden Era for expats is done

Foreigners who lived in China between 2000 and 2019 experienced the golden years of expat life. Today, China has gone its own way, and the foreigner bubble has burst. Recap this history of China's golden years for foreigners in this ode to a bygone era.