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Kali Yuga

Generate power by reciting mantras

Mantras are energy-based sounds that vibrate throughout the body when spoken aloud. Through repetition of mantras, pure thoughts and positive energy flow into the Mind. Learn the benefits of reciting mantras and how to get started.

Kali Yuga Predictions – 2019 Update

Ancient Hindus perceived that time was circular, not linear. The circle of ages was known as Yugas. Four Yugas make up a full cycle that is called Mahayuga. Each cycle of Mahayuga presents specific spiritual lessons for those alive...

Apocalypse Now: Kali Yuga predictions

The Kali Yuga is an ancient Hindu story about the end of times. During that era, evil reigns. People become weak and perverse. Life across the world becomes polluted and devoid of color and passion. Read the story of the Kali Yuga and how it's effects show in our modern lives.
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Latest News

Hunkering down for the apocalypse in Cambodia

Stuck in Cambodia because of COVID-19? Here are two solid options for long-term emergency stays in Cambodia. First, check out a long-stay discount on Sok San beach. Then, learn how to set up your own apocalypse bunker in Phnom Penh.
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Pileated gibbons roaming Phnom Penh city streets

The gibbons of southeast Asia sing melodious duets at dawn and dusk. In Cambodia, habit loss and illegal poaching has decimated their populations. Some people keep gibbons as pets. One showed up at our reporter's door. Learn about Cambodia's pileated gibbons, then watch a video of a gibbon singing his song.

How to tap into your innate mystical powers

There are eight mystical powers that every human is born with. Distracted by daily life, we lose touch with these powers. Discover how meditation, mantras or yoga can help. Then, do the work needed to tap into the eight Siddhis of power.

Hungry ghosts in Asian mythology and also in the real world

Hungry ghosts exists as spirits in many Asian cultures. They also exist as people in our lives. Learn how they haunt their own existence while losing touch with reality in the present.

Making money online as a digital nomad in 2020

Digital marketing is appealing for freedom seekers for two key reasons. First, the barrier of entry is low — anyone can launch a project...