Review: Phnom Penh Sports Club


Phnom Penh is a relaxed tropical city, but the streets are not built for walking. There is nothing resembling footpaths or sidewalks. Even worse, the law of the roads here is that the biggest vessel gets the right of way, while the smaller must get the hell out of the way.

As a result something as simple as going for a walk is not practical. Most expats end up stuck in their apartments, heading out only to work, eat or drink.

Fortunately, the Phnom Penh Sports Club is a centrally located oasis to enjoy the outdoors, get in a workout and enjoy some down-time with a massage service, saunas, a pool and a restaurant.

Prices (in USD) are average for the city:

  • One day: $5
  • One month: $60
  • Three months: $150

Check out their website for complete pricing options here.

Positives and negatives

Phnom Penh Sports club squat rack
The workout equipment is basic but versatile. This station can be used for squats, bench press and shoulder presses.

On the positive side, there is so much on offer (gym, pool, massage, restaurant, saunas) that you can easily while away 3-4 hours – perfect for lazy weekends. Facilities are as clean as you can expect for Cambodia, and staff and clientele are foreigner-friendly.

A lot of the Cambodian regulars are high-ranking government and police officials, which means security is tight and theft is rare. Finally, the gym is nearly deserted during non-peak hours, which makes for very relaxing workouts.

The most glaring negative is the Cambodian perverts that lurk in the saunas – it’s happened to this writer and a few others in recent months. If you find yourself alone in a sauna and a local starts chatting you up – be wary!

Other recommended gyms in Phnom Penh

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