Planet Asia was first launched under the name PlanetAsiazine.com in 2006. At the time, bloggers were making lots of money via Google Adsense, and we wanted in.

Then, the most reliable travel information for Asia travelers were a hard-copies of Lonely Planet guidebooks. Online, finding reliable travel information was extremely difficult. On most Google travel search terms, the first several pages turned up around 70% Tripadvisor or related services, most of which provided scant information that just lead to sales pitches.

2006 action plan

We started with two angles:

  • Succinct information: we wrote for independent travelers that just need to know the basics, because online research yielded too much fluff and not enough content.
  • Non-commercial perspective: every piece of useful travel information online is written from a commercial perspective: destinations are framed around tourist attractions, bars and restaurants.

Unlike other guides limited to framing destinations from a consumer perspective, Planet Asia guides wrote travel pieces based on the ancient quest for personal freedom.

Destruction and rebirth in 2018

Over the first twelve years of operation there were many changes in the world that affected our plans. First, the Internet exploded, then social media did, and then the digital nomad scene resulted in tens of thousands of travel blogs that put Planet Asia to shame.

As our concept wilted over the years, we focused on our core mission anyways – exploring Asia in search of spiritual, emotional and financial betterment.

In late 2018, we revisited the project, and a direction started to become clear. Today, our mission is:

  • Learn: Progress through life seeking total betterment of self: personal, spiritual and professional
  • Share: boil down what we learned into succinct guides that anyone can follow

Every article on this website was written for self-knowledge – we learn through our writing. Thus, we cover Asia trends, spirituality and also write articles about expat life in Asia. In addition we have a number of succinct region guides – each contains years of direct experience living in the places we covered.

Combined, we intend that the sum of our experiences across these topics will help us reach our full spiritual, emotional and financial potential.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact us using this form.