Let’s Go on an Adventure

“It is something undifferentiated yet complete,
which existed before heaven and earth.
Soundless and formless, it depends on
nothing and does not change.
It operates everywhere and is free from danger.
It may be considered the mother of the universe.
I do not know its name; I call it tao.”Laozi (author of the Tao Te Ching)
Planet Asia is an adventure story. It’s about a guy who grew up in the west and saw limited possibilities. He expatriated to Asia and found many more. On this site are shared lessons learned: multiple perspectives on the quest for meaning and purpose as an expat in Asia.

Asian cultural ideologies began with Hinduism around 5,000 years ago. Buddhism extended the Hindu philosophy east into China around 3,000 years ago. Taoism emerged in China around 2,000 years ago.

All share the concept that the physical world is a distorted reflection of a larger spiritual reality. Taoism simplifies it to “there is a larger reality that is ever present. Roll with it in harmony for best results.”

Sadhus smoking charas on pilgrimage in the Indian Himalayas
Expat characters following the money in Asia
Oblivious man and woman partying during the apocalypse

Enlightenment is said to be possible in a lifetime, but the only means to achieve it is by traveling along the path of spirituality.

Unfortunately, life for regular people worldwide is degrading fast, with rapidly narrowing options. Healthy lifestyles are pressured by unhealthy social norms. Culture, entertainment and science paradigms are primitive.

Bound in the delusions of western propaganda
Happy English teacher enjoying sexy times in Japan
A collage of dubious lifestyles that expats tend to fall into in Asia

For the brave and willing, we say that there is a way and a means to grow beyond an artificial lifestyle.

Read through our free library and get your head around the main ideas. If it resonates, make it happen.

Come join us on an adventure in Asia

Personal Development

At the heart of our project is a desire to live free. Appropriately for Asia, we follow the Hindu and Buddhist idea that every soul is unique, and there are many paths to enlightenment.

These articles are about becoming a master of self on the Asia expat trail.

Break through fear, dissolve energy blocks, visualize ambitious outcomes and put in the work to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life of your choosing.

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Expatriate Life in Asia

Instead of treading blindly, follow the trails forged by long-term expats who found their stride in Asia.

Digest general patterns across various dimensions: social, personal and professional.

These articles are lengthy; speed up your development by by skimming through them, in order to soak up a broad understanding of the expat Asia landscape.

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Asia Travel Destinations

Travel means more than tourism. For thousands of years, travel was not about escaping life, but stepping into and embracing it.

These articles are written for life travelers. Rather than consumer listings, they provide broad layouts that support independent navigation.

Get a feel for key hubs in Asia that are conducive to powerful personal development.

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