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Let's go on an Asian Adventure

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Visualize your preferred reality into being. Take ownership of your timeline. Let’s go on an adventure.

Hinduism arose around 5,000 years ago. Buddhism extended Hindu philosophy east into China around 3,000 years ago. Taoism emerged in China 1,000 years later. All assert that the physical world is a distorted reflection of a larger spiritual reality.

Let’s go on an adventure.

Planet Asia Articles


The Secret Canadian Embassy in Phnom Penh

There once was a Canadian Embassy in Phnom Penh, but it closed in 2009. In 2015, a new Embassy was built inside the Phnom Penh British Embassy. It has security gates, 12-inch-thick bulletproof glass between you the dignitaries, and big purple 'bomb' buttons in plain...

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Mystical Places to Power Up in Asia

Ancient Hindu texts written 5,000 years ago put forward the idea that there are many paths to salvation, and each person is responsible for finding the one that suits them best. The idea spread across Asia via Buddhism. Here are three key areas Planet Asia suggests to...

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Make money and survive as a broke expat

Edward Snowdon is a man of risk, teaching his way around Asia for a decade. In between gigs, he spent his savings on backpacking journeys in SE Asia and India. As his funds dwindled he would apply online for teaching jobs. Twice, he ran out of money before finding a...

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Apocalypse Now: Predictions from the Kali Yuga

Written in the Bhagavata Purana is a list of predictions that signal the end of times - the Apocalypse, or age of Kali Yuga. The predictions focus on the collapse of abundance, morality and society. During implosion, some remain blissfully unaware. Others watch the...

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Phnom Penh City Guide 2016

2016 Phnom Penh city guide for newbie expats: travel essentials; expenses; sightseeing; bars and restaurants; accommodation and rentals; Phnom Penh gyms. Learn everything you need in a single read. n contrast to the frenetic megalopolis that is...

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Nanjing City Guide 2017

This academic hub's international feel and brilliant cultural heritage makes it one of China's top cities for long-term expats. lthough the Chinese government does not officially define cities into tiers, China analysts frequently do so. First tier...

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First time to Sihanoukville: beach orientation

Cheap and easy beach adventures for sexpats, couples, families and backpackers looking to get off their faces – or off the grid. hen Pol Pot's regime was driven from power in 1977, the highway from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville became notorious for...

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Introduction to Cambodia

A comprehensive overview of one of Asia's cheapest and most chilled out places. here is great poetry revealed in Cambodia when interacting with the local people. Although ravaged by a horrific past and grim present (3rd-poorest country in Asia),...

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Introduction to China

Prepare for your China adventure with this comprehensive guide that provides a great head-start on navigating the Middle Kingdom. ost of the China guides you read online will rave about the glittering skyscrapers and fancy bullet trains of a rising...

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How to Make Money as a Nomadic Expat

Living as an expat in Asia removes you from your comfort zone and exposes your true self through an endless string of transient relationships. You start to see patterns. You discover that wherever you go, there you are. For some, within that...

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Life-altering benefits enjoyed by expats in Asia

There are still gaps through which aspiring expats can access a wider range of life options than their cubicle life may provide. If you are thinking about expatriating to Asia, this article will provide a sweeping view of realistic options to earn money as an expat in...

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